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For more than thirty years, WPEC has insisted industry-university-research cooperation, and put a large number of resources into science and technology research. The gas-solid separation technology research and development base of SINOPEC is established in our company. The base holds the national largest test unit of cold and high temperature simulation separation equipment. With the unit, we have successively developed and made great contribution to the domestication of the PV-type cyclone separator, the new two-stage cyclone separators for acrylonitrile reactors, the vertical/ horizontal third-stage multitube cyclone separator for flue gas energy recovery systems in FCC units, the quick separation system with pre-stripper for risers, cat cooler of FCC regenerators and ultratemperature high efficiency cyclone separators for the dust removal of PFBC boilers. With these dominant achievements we have won a number of national, provincial and ministerial awards of science and technology progress. In this base we have also helped training dozens of graduate students. This base has become one of the out-of-campus research bases of university of Petroleum China, and also the optimum R&D site of our company.

Address: No.28 Dujuan West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, China 214161 Contact:Yang Yongxin Tel: 0086-510-85072598 13961526535 Fax: 0086-510-85072598 E-Mail:[email protected]
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